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Hunan Embroidery
is one of the four famous handcraft embroideries in China with over two thousand years of history. Mr.Su Huo, an senior artist as well as native in Changsha City of Hunan province, invented Su Huo Embroidery Garden. taking essence of Hunan Embroidery and integrating it with oil painting technology.

Su Huo chose several smart embroideresses from thousands and brought them up earnestly. Under his careful instruction, modern pictures are described on silks with the sense of three-dimensional, space, light and texture of oil painting effects, the silk threads used are so fine that it will take artist more than several months to complete. Now Su Huo is an artcraft master of Hunan Province, member of Chinese Institute of Arts and Crafts, vice director of Hunan Arts and Crafts Association. His artworks are collected and treasured by royal families, famous people as well art collectors.

Mr. Li Xiangshu, a senior embroidery historian and writer of Hunan Embroidery History, gives high praises to Su Huo whose works are regarded as "The Revolution of an Embroidery History".

Su Huo and his gold prize artwork





Su Huo's works are collected and treasured by royal families as well art collectors.

Years 1995-2002
(Invented MingRen Embroidery House,Cooperated with ShaPing)

Your Majesty Margrethe II and Henrik. The Queen And Consort of Denmark.
Your Majesty Albert II. The King of Belgium.
Mr. Li Guangyao. The former prime minister of Singapore.
Mr. Rong Yiren. The former National vice president of China.
Mr. Zeng Xianzi. The chairman of the board of the Goldline Group Co. Ltd. of HK.
Mr. Ho Hung Sun. The CEO of Gambling and Lottery Co. Ltd. of Macau.
Mr. Hou Xigui. The famous charitarian of Hunan Province.
Mr. Yao Meiliang. The chairman of the board of NanYuan Group Co. Ltd. of HK.
Mr. Lee Chung Yin. The former president of Hong Kong Medical Association.
Mr. Wang Youzeng. The chairman of the board of Rebar Group Co. Ltd. of Taiwan.


Years 2002-2012 (Invented Embroidery Art Center of Embroidery Garden)

Mr. Kofi Annan. The Secretary-General of the United Nations.
Mr. Hu Jintao. The National president of China.
Mr. Jiang Zeming (The former National president of China) with Mr. Jiang Zhenghua.
Mr. He Houhua. The chief executive of Macau SAR of China.
Mr. Mao Zhiyong. The vice chairman of CPPCC.
Mr. Yu Guangyuan. The vice dean of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
Mr. Chen Xingshen. The former dean of MSRI of United States.



Mr.Kofi Annan.(Ramie)
Mr.Albert Einstein.(Ramie)
Golden Prize of China Artcraft 2005
Golden Prize of China Artcraft 2008
Chairman Xi
Chairman Hu
Man in the Golden Helmet
Golden Prize of Hunan Artcraft 2010
King of Belgium (Part)
Queen and Consort of Denmark
Princess De Broglie
Mona Lisa

Jinbian Brook
Morning in a pine forest
Excellent Prize of China Artcraft 2005
In the forest

Three sparrows
Pole Bears (Ramie)
Silver Prize of China Artcraft 2008
Lying Tiger
Zebra (Caddice)



Suhuo Embroidery Garden, Kaifu District.
Changsha. Hunan. P.R.China.
Mobile: 138-758-68468 Mr.Su

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